Privacy Policy

I/S respects each individual’s right to personal privacy. We will collect and use information through our web site only in the ways disclosed in this statement. This statement applies solely to information collected at I/S's Web site and through registrations and subscriptions.

Part I. Information Collection

I/S collects information through our web site at several points. We collect the following information from visitors that choose to register or subscribe:

Required to Register: Email address, How you heard about I/S

I/S does not store your password - instead, a standardized, one-way encryption algorithm is applied to your password when you register, the result of which is stored. When you subsequently authenticate on I/S, the same one-way encryption algorithm is applied, and the result is compared to the value that is stored. Therefore, I/S can never distribute or even access your actual cleartext password.

Additional information that I/S collects:

  • Additional contact information (name, mailing address, phone, fax, etc., as well as the date and time that the information was last modified)
  • Areas of interest
  • Opt-out preferences for email, phone, and postal solicitations

We collect this information through the registration form, the password reset form, and the user account form. Additionally, I/S receives subscription requests and payments in the mail and electronically. Upon a successful subscription, I/S authorizes the user's account so that it can access the appropriate additional on-line areas of I/S.

The information is collected voluntarily. To receive an I/S subscription, providing the above contact information is mandatory. To receive I/S news and e-mail updates, your email address and how you heard about I/S is mandatory. Any other information we request is optional.

Collection of Children's Information
I/S has striven to meet the general industry guidelines that promote fair information practices and protect children. We do not knowingly collect contact information from children under the age of 13. Nor do we entice children - by the prospect of a special game, prize or other activity - to divulge any information.

General Data Collection
I/S collects the following general data that is not personally identifiable information: standard "web server log" information when you visit its web site, including:

  • Internet domains and Internet Protocol addresses (for example, aol.com, company.com, yourISP.com);
  • Browser, operating system and connection speed;
  • Date and time; and
  • Pages requested.

We do not enable cookies.

This information is used to better prepare future site content based on the interests of users. No other information is collected about you except with your permission.

We do not employ cookies. Instead, I/S uses a stateless authentication, which is supported by most web browsers. However, the standard web server logs provide I/S with information on which registered users have accessed which URL. For example, if is@osu.edu were the login of a registered user, a sample entry in the log could be: - is@osu.edu [21/Apr/2005:14:09:00 -0400] "GET /admin HTTP/1.1" 301 315 "http://is-journal.org/articles.php" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.7) Gecko/20050414 Firefox/1.0.3"

This entry indicates the IP address, registered user name, date of access, file accessed/protocol used, HTTP response codes, referring page, and web browser information.

Part II. Information Usage

The information collected by I/S will be used for marketing and solicitation (unless the user has opted out) and conducting regular business activities. For example, a subscribed user's address may be shared incident to mailing the subscribed user his/her copy of I/S, such as with the publisher. Additionally, users who provide information may receive email announcements, phone solicitations, and mailings. Subscribed users who have opted out may receive additional announcements about I/S, including news concerning an upcoming issue, such as when it is mailed, but excluding marketing and solicitation.

Opt Out
Out of respect for your privacy, I/S offers the option to not receive marketing and solicitation communications. Registered users can click here to opt-out.

Third Party Transfer
As a general rule, I/S does not share data with any third parties. However, Subscribers and Registered users will have their data shared in the following manner:

  • Subscribers: Western Publishing since they mail issues directly from their publishing house
  • Subscribers that pay on-line: Western; Verisign for billing purposes
  • Registered users: Center for Interdisciplinary Law and Policy Studies, InSITeS - I/S co-creating organization

Non-subscribing registered users may opt out of having their information shared with third parties.

Links to Other Sites
We offer links to other web sites. Please note: When you click on links to other web sites, we encourage you to read their privacy policies. Their standards may differ from ours. Additionally, I/S leverages Google for our search engine and has taken steps to maintain the integrity of Google's search results. However, I/S does not have control over those results and accompanying links.

Privacy Policy Changes
If our policy on information collection or uses changes, I/S will advise you by posting an announcement to our RSS news feed.

Part III. Information Access

I/S maintains the accuracy of its information by giving registered users and subscribers control over their own data. Users may access their own personal information and make updates as need be.

Part IV. Contact Information

If problems arise, users may contact I/S Lead Editor Peter Shane, shane.29@osu.edu; (614) 688-3014